Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Glenlichd stud

Glenlichd funfair
Is a stallion that my uncle owns , we bred him and have him standing at stud to create our glenlichd line of welsh ponies, although people can also pay to have there mares covered by him at our yard.
He is a top class pony,dark bay 13.2hh welsh section b pony. he has won so much over the years and of course this summer has been champion many times competing at even the royal highland show and he is only 4 years old. He is now been broken just over the last month or so by Natalie.

Howview Fairysparle
This is the mother of fun and is the main brood mare at the yard producing almost a foal every year, shes a beautiful mare also dark bay with a white blaze on her face n two white socks, she stands at at 12.2hh and is also a welsh section b pony. Her foals will not be by fun clearly but to another welsh b champion stallion. All foals are of the same high class and will do well, they would make perfect childs show ponies.

Is an older mare we have who used to be the main brood mare,the one we started the stud with who is now having a rest, shes a palomino mare of only 11.2hh. She produced many good foals that have won all round the country such as glenlichd smartie and glenlichd spitfire. Shes a cheeky little mare and has alot of personality.

Ceanin Catrin
Is my favorite of them all, a brilliant little grey 12.2hh mare also a welsh section b. She was my own 1st pony and she was a great confidence giver and would never put a foot wrong. Has done all pony club activities and general riding school work a complete schoolmaster. she also was a cheeky little mare but the perfect childs pony loved all attention and of course treats.She sadly died in October at 35 years old, shes one that will never be forgotten


This is another one of the crew, she was given to my uncle to look after when her owner died, Fiona was a good friend of Euan's and was always at the shows with us and Euan had helped her for many years and had known Jess for most of her life and was then left to him when Fiona suddenly passed away. Jess is a grey highland mare, who stands at 14.2hh a mare that will never leave us as that what Fiona wanted.
She is like a tank, bum like a peach and is so cheeky, has done alot of showing as she is a stunning mare and won lots all around the highlands, she may be a bit lazy in warm up but when she gets going you wont stop her and she loves to jump, like a rocket when shes jumping you can feel the power from her back end.
One memory i have of a show with Jess is, we were at the black isle show and were sitting at the horse lorry waiting for Fiona's husband to come back with some burgers for our lunch, he wasn't far away from the lorry when Jess must have smelt the food, she about turned broke the lead rope and started running after him, the size of Jess is enough to frighten anyone he dropped the burgers and ran. Jess then stopped and munched the burgers so much for my lunch.

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